World Series ’08

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It’s not where you’re from, its where you’re at


The Senate and the People of Rome


Jamin Warren speaks at Rutgers Camden

As part of the ongoing inspiration and creativity lecture series at Rutgers Universey Camden, Jamin Brophy-Warren will be discussing his past life as a newspaper reporter, what he thinks lies in the future of publishing, and how the niches will change the way we processes information.

Jamin is a writer covering arts and entertainment with a focus on videogames and the president/editor-in-chief of Kill Screen magazine.  He spent four years at the Wall Street Journal as an arts and entertainment reporter and previously was a music critic for Pitchfork Media. He’s spoken at Harvard and New York University and currently writes columns for the Wall Street Journal and GOOD Magazine. In 2009, he was chosen to be a member of Slate‘s annual gaming club and his writing has appeared in Vanity Fair, LA Times, Paste, Fast Company and others. He graduated from Harvard University in 2004 with a focus on cultural theory and lives in New Haven, Connecticut with his wife Sorcha.

Please join us!
March 31, 2010
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Dead space


Megawords was in last weeks Philly City Paper

A story about our recent show at Printed Matter in New York was in the March 18th edition of the City Paper. Read more here: www.citypaper.net

Photo by Matthew Gallagher.


New Jersey drivers

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San Francisco 1/08

documenting a dark,dark trip to SF