Issue 19 Release Party

We’re having a party to celebrate the release of our latest issue of Megawords! The issue includes work from wonderful photographers such as Alyssa Maloof, Micah Danges, Rebekah Maysles, Dave Moebious, Angela Boatwright, Marten Daamgaard etc etc etc.

Music, food and good vibes will be provided, as well as free copies of Megawords, of course.

The party spot is outdoors in the Rock Garden and next to the bridge on Kelly Drive. It’s on the right side of the drive if you are heading away from the City. Please see our directions for getting there, as we don’t want anyone running across the drive and through traffic to get there. There is a safer and easier way.

Please follow these directions:

These directions are from behind the Art Museum/beginning of Kelly drive to the rock garden for bikes and cars, there is plenty of parking on either side of the street right next to the rock garden….. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THE KELLY DRIVE BIKE PATH AND CROSS KELLY DRIVE!!! BE SAFE!!!!

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