Great things ahead!


The Megawords installation will be up for another 23 days at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  There are two great events left!


This coming Sunday you can find out about What Belongs in A City.  On April 13th through 15th check out the  Data Garden: Quartet installation in our space!

The What Belongs in a City? panel discussion takes place on Sunday at 2:30 in the Perelman building. Panelists include Toni Griffin, Quilian Riano, Camilo José Vergara, Dre Urhahn, Zoe Struass and Megawords. The panel is moderated by Diana Lind of Next American City.

We will address questions of how we can improve our cities and make them thriving, cultural centers in which people want to live. The discussion will center around the built environment as well as ongoing changes and possible improvements to the economy and society.




Data Garden: Quartet is the first bio-reactive and plant-controlled work of art at The PMA.

Situated in the Megawords exhibition space, participants will be encouraged to accompany four large tropical plants that are fitted with specialized electronic sensors. By converting the physiology of the specimens into data, the plants will perform quadraphonic audio compositions in real time. The very presence of museum goers will affect this performance, resulting in a unique composition from moment to moment.

It’s going to be great! See you all there!


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